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Arrest of “Suara Independen” worker in printing house raid
October 29, 1996, 10:06 am
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Pays/Sujet: Indonesia
Date: 29 octobre 1996
Source: Institut Studi Arus Informasi (ISAI)
Personne(s): Andi Syahputra
Cible(s): employé(s) des médias
Type(s) d’infraction(s): détention
Niveau de priorité: Flash

Andi Syahputra, a media worker with the leading Indonesian underground newspaper “Suara Independen”, was arrested at 4:00 on the morning of 28 October 1996, not 27 October as was reported.

**Corrects and updates IFEX alert dated 28 October 1996**

On 28 October, Indonesian police raided the printing house where “Suara Independen” is printed and arrested two of its workers, charging that they had distributed printed materials defaming Indonesian President Suharto. Police arrested manager Syahputra, 31, and operator Nasrul, 60, and confiscated 5,000 copies of the newly printed October issue of “Suara Independen”.

Satrio Arismunandar, the secretary general of the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), protested the arrest and asked the police to immediately release both of them. “The arrest is a serious abuse of the press freedom, freedom of expression as well as the rights of the two people to make a living.”

Arismunandar said in a statement that police charged the two under Articles 134 and 137 of Indonesia’s Criminal Code for distributing printed materials defaming Suharto. Lawyers of the Jakarta-based Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI), one of the largest non- governmental organizations in Indonesia, are now giving legal counsel to both Syahputra and Nasrul.

Previous reports said that Syahputra was arrested after a minor traffic problem in the Panglima Polim area in southern Jakarta (see IFEX alert). But, according to AJI sources, he later told lawyers and visiting friends that the printing house was raided.

Some other AJI members, including AJI President Santoso, are expecting arrest as well. They reportedly have been in hiding since the morning of 29 October.

Background Information

With a monthly circulation of about 12,000, “Suara Independen” is a leading monthly magazine circulated in Indonesia. According to ISAI, it usually reports uncensored news which is not found in the mainstream media, giving its audience behind-the-scenes stories about corruption, torture and the wealth of corrupt officials. “Suara Independen” is published by the Society of Indonesian Alternative Media (MIPPA), which is officially based in Melbourne, Australia. But, it is widely known in Indonesia that the hard- hitting magazine is published from Jakarta.

For further information, contact Andreas Harsono at ISAI, Jl. Utan Kayu 68-H, Jakarta 13120, Indonesia, tel:+62 21 856 9281, fax:+62 21 856 7529, e-mail:


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