Aliansi Jurnalis Independen

Protes Against The Banning of Parliament’s Live Broadcast
November 16, 1997, 1:20 pm
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Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (The Alliance of Independent Journalists)
Jl. PAM Baru Raya No.16, Pejompongan, Jakarta Pusat 10210 INDONESIA


The Alliance of Indonesian Journalists is protesting against Information
Minister R. Hartono’s decision to ban two private tv channels, ANteve and
SCTV from broadcasting live the plenary session between the People’s
Representative Council and the Finance Minister last Monday, Nov. 10.

ANteve and SCTV had obtained a permission from the Speaker of the House to
broadcast live. People also welcomed the goodwill of the two stations,
especially the Minister would give an open statement about the economic
reform package, which include the liquidation of 16 banks, of which were
belong to President Suharto’s family members. The economic reform package
is part of the International Monetary Fund’s aid, trying to recover the
monetary crisis after the plunge of rupiah value.

Suddenly, the night before, the Director of Television and Information,
Aziz Husain, called the two tv stations, prohibiting the most-awaited
broadcast. According to ANteve News Manager, H. Azkarmin Zaini, they
receoved the call on Sunday night, around 10 p.m. Don Bosco, the assignment
editor of SCTV’s Liputan 6, said that they received the similar call 2
hours later, around midnight.

Hartono told the reporters that he based his decision in the Broadcasting
Law (UU Penyiaran No. 24/1997), which was passed a few months ago. Hartono
said private tv channels cannot broadcast live from the House, only TVRI
can. In fact, no chapters in that bill regulate live broadcasts from the
House. The only thing is private tv channels are allowed to broadcast live
together with the state tv station, TVRI.

This case is a serious violation of freedom of the press, freedom to obtain
and spread information and the society’s rights to know. Moreover, to
legitimate the action, Hartono manipulated the law.

This also shows that the Press Basic law (UU Pokok Pers, No. 21/1982) and
the Broadcasting Law (UU Penyiaran No.24/1997) are effective on the paper
only, has no power in front of the government, and even becomes a tool to
legitimate the government’s

Once more, AJI declares its protests to that unfortunate case.

AJI also calls the government to stop all kinds of press censorship,
regulation and pressure, for the sake of the press freedom, freedom to
obtain and spread information and the society’s rights to know, as stated
by the 1945 Constitution and the Press and Broadcasting Law.

Jakarta, November 11, 1997

Lukas Luwarso

Dadang RHs
Aliansi Jurnalis Independen
(The Alliance of Independent Journalists)
Office: Jl. PAM Baru Raya No.16, Pejompongan
Jakarta Pusat 10210
Tel/Fax: (62-21) 572-7018,

“Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI)” <> Nov 16, 1997

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